My name is Francesco. Since when I was a child I used to be around my dad’s textile laboratory. I grew up cutting fabric, sewing, ironing, creating paper models.


Later, I focused on the business management of my company, looking after our own production in Bangladesh, Tunisia, Romania, Hungary and Italy.

Recently I have decided to offer my experience and my staff’s in order to help and support young stylists that are looking to emerge in the market.

We help them to create their Made in Italy collection.


At Unikool we have a shared passion for how fashion is created behind the scenes. How fabric is worked. How materials are treated. The art of making prototypes and paper models.

For this reason I have decided with Unikool to guarantee quality and quick results to talented emerging stylists, giving them what is needed to work at an excellent level in this sector.


Unikool’s staff has been working in the fashion industry for over 30 years and has helped some of the most famous and important International brands.

These big clients, just like our smallest ones, have been given a complete service of support from the very first ideas for a new collection to the final result and production, using all our experience and research in the field.

Furthermore, Unikool provides its clients with consultancy about costs of production and solutions in terms of materials and desired quality standards. Unikool also cooperates with raw materials suppliers and invests in research and innovation, to be able to offer on a regular basis tips and suggestions to its clients directive offices.


Unikool follows very closely every step of production for its clients, ensuring that the optimum result is achieved at the end of the process.

The great attention of Unikool’s staff to the tiniest detail has been appreciated throughout the years by companies such as Pinko, Pespow, Penn & Ink N.Y., Just Cavalli, Dolce e Gabbana, Claudio Tonello, Belstaff, Ballantyne.


If you are an emerging professional or small company and you are looking to start your own collection with the help of someone with many years experience in the field, feel free to contact us.