You may know us because we have already worked for other stylists and big company such as Pinko, Pespow, Penn & Ink N.Y., Just Cavalli, Dolce e Gabbana, Claudio Tonello, Belstaff, Ballantyne.


But you may be surprised by our range of services we provide emerging stylists.



We can help you to create your collection from sketch.

At Unikool we can give a complete service of support from the very first ideas for a new collection to the final result and production, using all our experience and research in the fashion field. For big clients and for emerging stylists.

At Unikool you can ask about costs of production and about specific solutions in terms of materials and desired quality standards.


Unikool can give you the right raw materials and the innovation you need.

Unikool follows very closely every step of production for its clients, ensuring that the optimum result is achieved at the end of the process.


If you are an emerging professional or a company and you are looking to start your own collection with the help of someone with many years experience in the fashion field, feel free to contact us.