Stephanie Breeze: an ethereal illustration style stories. The story Stephanie Breeze: an ethereal illustration style.

My Name is Stephanie Breeze, I live the UK and my passion is drawing.

I have worked in various roles within the fashion industry including positions in Magazines, Merchandising, Photography, graphic design and finally textile design.

Stephanie Breeze was created because I have always wanted to create a brand represents my ethereal illustration style, the debut collection draws inspiration from botanical worlds near and far. I also wanted to make sure I used British manufacturers as I felt it was important to promote the home grown skills of small businesses in the UK.

If I were ever to look few business partner I would look for someone with skills in sales and marketing that could dedicate their time to help me grow the business that way so I could focus on new designs.

I think the trickiest thing is keeping motivated to sell your work and keep up the marketing side of the business. Starting out on your own isn’t easy and you find that you are doing everything to start with till you can afford to employ someone else.



I love to create and that is my strong point but I also have gain skills in areas such as accountancy, graphics and photo retouching which has saved me a lot in costs.

I think I need more marketing campaigns and to launch a new collection next spring/summer will be my main aim.

I market my brand through social media channels, magazines and boutiques like Wolf & Badger. Currently looking for stockists around the world.

Other textiles designers and stationary brands are probably my main competitors.

I communicate through my Instagram channel, probably the most, using hashtags to try and gain new followers, the difficult bit is getting them to visit the website and make a purchase.

I think UNIKOOL is a really great way to share stories of designers who are just starting out to get their brands out to various new markets and inspire the younger generations that if they have dream they can achieve whatever they set their heart on.


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