Sonja Elisa: hand painted silk accessories stories. The story of Sonja Elisa: hand painted silk accessories.

My name is Sonja and I am a fashion designer. I am Finnish but I was born in the south of Spain and have been living in Barcelona for over 20 years.

I started making my own clothes when I was very small, and when I was 8 my mom finally let me use the sewing machine! After that I did not stop at making… for myself, family and friends. The next step was to study fashion design and pattern making and dedicate my professional career to it.

I have always been dedicated to the fashion industry. I worked for corporate for many years, as well as freelance, for different brands and startups. Most of my years of corporate were spent at Reebok, where I joined as a Junior designer and grew my career to Design Manager. It was a great learning experience. My expertise ranges from sports to casualwear, fitness and yoga, beach and swimwear, corsets and accessories.

Under my own brand, Sonja Elisa, I make hand painted silk accessories, for men, women and children. I wanted to go back to making something handmade, where I could truly express myself, something I felt passionate about and that related to slow fashion and ethical products.

So I launched my own line, which I make in my Barcelonaworkshop. I love the freedom of painting on silk, with its unpredictable beauty and organic evolution. Each piece is unique in its kind, painted one by one and totally handmade.

A role that would complement my skills, maybe would be in marketing, sales, or a business background.

Find fabrication possibilities is diffult for me. It is not easy to find proper manufacturing, even for bigger brands. The struggle with smaller brands is a lot worse.

Gain brand awareness is not easy!



People find me through Instagram and Facebook.

My product is unique and there is no brand doing exactly the same, so it is hard to point out competitors.

I do occasional blog posts and send out a newsletter, you can subscribe at my web site:

I also use social media and attend some local designer markets with other fellow artisans:

I think Unikool is a very interesting initiative!


Sonja Elisa