Silvia Fado: from architecture and knitwear to shoe design stories. The story of Silvia Fado: bring innovation into shoemaking.

My name is Silvia Fado and I’m a footwear designer from Spain. I started by working in knitwear, I gained experience working for Mango for over 4 years, until I decided to follow my true passion, which was shoes; for this reason I moved to London to specialise in shoemaking. In 2014 I finished my master in fashion footwear at the London College of Fashion; my quest has been to find the perfect balance between high heels and comfort. My master project collection ‘Kinetic Traces’ was the first step to launch my brand Silvia Fadó. All my pieces are carefully crafted in my studio in Barcelona.

The goal of my brand is bringing innovation into footwear. I created my first hydraulic heels during my master project, but then I developed them in a more wearable and commercial version. I love implementing 3D technologies to traditional shoemaking: leatherwork, traditional machinery making, metal work, wood shaping but also 3D milling machine, laser cutting and 3D printing. I plan to continue creating collections that always bring innovation, uniqueness and quality.



Due to my innovative designs I am very lucky that all media are always very interested and appreciative of me and to my work; in fact I had the opportunity to appear in several publications in newspapers, fashion and design magazines, TV programs about innovation and interviews.

We live in a society based on conspicuous consumption, where entering the industry of high-end/conceptual brands is really difficult. For emerging designers, with a clear vision and appreciation for design and quality, it’s hard to find their place in this over-competitive world.

In order to grow up fast, I reckon I need what all emerging designers need: investment to be able to promote and develop new collections, and make the brand gain visibility faster and be known.

I would love to find a new business partner, someone who has a business/financial background that could complement my knowledge in design, someone with a strategical marketing experience.


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I think that Unikool is a great initiative, that experienced people collaborate with artist and designers to be promoted and gain audience, crucial for a starting fashion business.


Silvia Fado