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I designed this brand called Clemmy’s in 2009. I studied at the European Fashion Design Academy in Bologna. When I left school I took part in the Fashion Camp competition in Milan and I won the street category, first out of 99 emerging designers. After which, I decided to continue alone and create my own collection, from design to production of the garment, all in an artisan way, through to entrusting it with companies who believed in me even if the product wasn’t very well known and production was in any case not very high.

After this, various stores in Italy and also a showroom in Milan started selling my creations, the latter called Officine Creative and with them I managed to also get known abroad. I started with the first stores in New York and in Kuwait and then here, and I stayed in Italy, though.

My garments are elaborate pieces of craftsmanship, which require a lot of research and so initially my problem was that I had to source high-quality materials and also that they had to stand out from the usual things on the market.

Production is all done by hand, it is craftsmanship and therefore calls for lots of hours’ work so I also needed to find a partner who was as passionate about my project as I am and would help me to follow it through, working alongside me, even with a small output like mine.

They are garments that take a long time to make, niche items. This year I finished my first sales campaign. Clemmy’s went really well, we managed to be accepted by the best showcases in Italy and also in Los Angeles and Hong Kong thanks to the help of these partners who are working with me.

If you have a project you want to launch that you really feel is yours, if you have a dream you want to come true, I would advise that you too find the right production partners. And above all, never give up.


Silvia Clemente