Sarika Agrawal: hand drawn embroidery designs from India


Unikool Stories. The story of Sarika Agrawal: embroidery with an indian traditional touch.

My name is Sarika Agrawal and I live in Chhindwara, in India. By profession I am an embroidery designer. I provide only sketches designs for textile traditional embroidery for people to use them to create their own collections.

My designs have an Indian traditional touch. For making these I don’t use any software; my designs are all hand drawn, so there are some unique details in each of them. Clients have also the option of developing my designs further into weaving intricate embroidery pieces. I used to publish designs in magazines and I also take freelancer projects.



I am art lover, always busy in doing something creative. I am also a very down to earth person, humble. I regularly publish my designs online. I take great pleasure from the joy that my work can bring to other people.

In the past I worked closely with school children in Singapore to help them learning the art of embroidery, but now I am in designing industry for three years. At first it was a hobby and then I decided to turn it into a profession. I would like to work with clients from abroad if I get the opportunity.


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It’s really a great honour getting the chance to be interviewed by this blog. Not everyone in India may have this opportunity! My best wishes go to the Unikool project, and I hope that this company reaches great heights in the future.

Thanks so much for giving me the space to talk about my creations.


Sarika Agrawal