Unikool.it stories. Roberto Tacchini: Unikool.it is a mix of great experience, decades of skill, together with inner youth and a huge vocation for innovation.

Hi, my name’s Roberto Tacchini, I’m a partner at Cart Consulting. Our company provides strategic consultancy services. A few years ago, we decided to launch our brand, called Lou Lou London. Lou Lou London was set up to respond to market changes and as a consultancy agency providing services through production of one of our brands. Behind this launch was our desire to interpret market changes with the introduction of an extremely new concept: what we call “low cost luxury”, in other words a collection with a low initial price and therefore low costs for the female end user, as it was just a women’s collection, but with a high fashion content, therefore targeting top stores on the international fashion scene.

As this was a project with a highly innovative vocation, fundamental for the start up of Lou Lou London was sourcing production partners best suited to interpretation of this spirit, which entailed a wide-scale revision of production chain cost structure in order to achieve, as I said before, the best price possible on the market.

We follow an “everyday low price” policy for the end user. A decisive factor for us was finding an incubator that was young, emerging and willing enough to interpret the market in an innovative key.

As far as the style code goes, this too was deeply innovative in the sense that we are consultants and we live by the market and for the market, and we improvised as designers. We took our inspiration from the market itself for volumes, outfits and trends, with a contact in London advising us on trends, and this is why we put the name of this legendary city in our brand name. But then, with my partner, we sit down and analyse current market requests, in terms of product, always in a logic of careful attention to the production process, quality and, consequently, of cost.

We are satisfied with the results achieved by Lou Lou London. This is our fourteenth season, we serve 300 clients, mainly on the European market. There are considerable problems linked to production. In recent seasons, the market has seen a huge slump and therefore this has made the challenge even stiffer and, what’s more, we have increasingly needed to find people, up front, with enthusiasm to work with us, at our side, who care about the solution to the many problems that arise out of development of a collection, both during the production stage and with sourcing the materials.

Right now availability of the fabrics is very important, and the youngsters who choose this Unikool.it incubator will have all my comprehension because I’ve been there.
This is why you need people who are real experts, who work alongside you, people who are constantly there with you to solve the many problems, all aiming for success.
I mentioned fabrics. These very often are an enormous obstacle and, incredibly, I have to say that we never managed to be big enough to ever be completely worry-free on this front. This is another reason why it is important to have partners who manage to show you solutions, because they exist, but you need to put yourself in the hands of experts; this is essential.

Solutions can be found. For this reason Unikool.it was the ideal partner. Unikool.it is extraordinary because it is a mix of great experience, decades of skill, together with inner youth and a huge vocation for innovation and it is exactly what we were looking for in an industrial partner. Experience, competence, enthusiasm and innovative capacity. This allowed us to solve both our problems with small sample quantities and everything else that then arises in terms of needs during the production stage.


Roberto Tacchini