Rafaële Rohn: freelance print and textile designer from France create women's wear


Unikool.it stories. The story of Rafaële Rohn: freelance print and textile designer from France create women’s wear.

My name is Rafaële Rohn, I’m a freelance print and textile designer from France. I started working as a freelance in 2014 right after my masters degrees in color and trends. I currently live between Paris and a tiny village in the south west of France where I have my workshop that offers me the space to create and build new projects.

Hand drawing is a big part of my work but is also what makes my speciality in terms of design. Being surrounded by nature is very important to me and my creativity but I still love to go very often to big cities to meet new people!



I discovered making prints with my first internship in Paris four years ago. In only one month I found what I wanted to do for a living. After this experience, I changed my university cursus from art to design and started to be more interested in textile and experimenting with it. After my studies and diverse internships, I started searching directly for different kind of applications for prints. I currently do mostly prints for decoration and women’s wear.

My main project is to develop my own studio and work on as much diverse projects as I can. I’ve always been curious and searching for new things to try. At the moment I’ll be very keen on working for new clients and built new projects or collaborations!

The most difficult part of work in this industry is to make yourself known and trusted. I takes a lot of hard work and patience but it is so rewarding to be able to live from your passion. I’m still in the beginning phase but so far, I’m really happy with what I built. Now It’s time to get to the second phase: growing.

I’m now in a prospection phase to help the studio develop itself and gain more and more experience. It is very thrilling because you now put out all the hard work and experience you gain over the last years. Only time can tell if it works or not. And If not, there are always some new projects or prospections to begin and test.


My contacts
Studio Rafaële Rohn
Print & Color Design

Website: www.rafaelerohn.fr

Facebook: www.facebook.com/studiorafaelerohn

E-shop: shopstudiorafaelerohn.tictail.com


I find your project very interesting. When you begin, it is nice to have some other points of view and see that there are multiple ways the succeed in the way you chose. There is not only one way to make it in the design world. It is only when you put yourself out there that you can find what works the best for you!


Rafaële Rohn