Patrick Morrison: founder and director of Furious Goose stories. The story of Patrick Morrison: beautiful silks to bridge the gap between the formal and the street.

I was born in Wanganui, New Zealand and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have always fought against greyness and the everyday. This might be as a result of growing up in the lovely if somewhat rainy capital of Scotland.

I am a trained painter and printmaker having specialised in etching and linocut as well as an experienced graphic designer, web designer, illustrator and brand consultant. I studied at Newcastle University and Central St. Martins, and am a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers.

The skills that go into creating Furious Goose accessories (with their distinctive crisp style and elaborate vector graphics) are the fruit of my extensive education in Fine Art and illustration crystalised in the crucible of professional graphic design.

My experience of the fashion industry has been firmly as a consumer until I began the Furious Goose journey around a year and a half ago. It is an interesting challenge building a new luxury brand, but luckily my experience as a brand consultant provided me with the tools to help. However there is not a day that goes by where I don’t learn something new. Luckily there are great resources available and networks that can be tapped into to help lead the way. It’s not as cut throat an industry as people lead you to believe.



“Dress like a duke, accessorise like an anarchist.”
“Style like a princess, strut like a punk.”

This sums up our collection of fine, British accessories for hurray hipsters, fabulous feminists and the decadently disaffected. We want to bridge the gap between the formal and the street
– all in beautiful silks.

Crisp vector designs and furious colourways characterise the silk pocket squares, neckerchiefs and larger scarves. The pieces are illustrative, detailed and each one tells a story.
Several concepts are explored, creating wearable masterpieces of contemporary graphic design. We’ve explored:
● powerful emotive typography in Four Letter Words
● the symbols and icons of tattoos and lingerie in Tats & Tights
● the snake that eats its own tail in Ouroboros.

More than just accessories these are conversation starters. They are all printed to exceptional quality in the UK on Silk Crepe de Chine, Silk Twill and Satin Georgette and hand finished with a rolled hem.

The brand pillars which frame all our designs are as follows in order of importance:
1. The highest quality materials, packaging and finish
2. Beautiful design, colours and typography
3. Something unexpected, quirky, eccentric.

The most difficult issue I encounter while being a fashion designer is finding the time to manage the social media, back end logistics and sampling that is a necessary part of running a start up fashion brand. Instagram on its own could be a full time job!

A very small club of smaller UK brands are creating accessories with the same high level of design finesse and story telling and none that I can see with the same digital punk aesthetic. However in general our main competition comes from the big boys such as Paul Smith, Hermes, McQueen, Turnbull & Asser, Drakes etc. Consumers are gradually realizing the benefits of buying from smaller, British, independent brands rather than huge global monoliths where there is little more than a logo, but it is a slow process.

For Furious Goose the next phase is all about exposure. The brand is building equity through solid growth on social media but in terms of the wider public there has been little time (and budget) to organize PR and press. We also need to get more representation in physical stores worldwide to get the products in front of the right kind of potential customers. Especially with silk, when a customer can actually touch the product and see how the light reflects of the material, they are more likely to purchase. Analysing and optimizing the Furious Goose website is a further area where we can drive growth.

I am always open to collaborations and partnerships as it is the best way to learn and to grow. Furious Goose is not currently looking for a funding partner but is a big believer in “Never say Never”!


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