Nazli Karakoç: freelance fashion and textiles designer from Istanbul stories. The story of Nazli Karakoç: Textiles and Clothes with a turkish touch.

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I have been interested in art since I was a child. I like travelling, listening to music, reading books, visiting museums, learning about archeology and photography. I’m passionate about animal welfare, arts and culture, environment issues, climate change, health, human rights, disaster and humanitarian relief. I have graduated from Yeditepe University, Department of Fashion and Textile Design in 2008 with an honour degree.

After I graduated from the university, I couldn’t find a full-time job. The economy was terrible in 2009 in Turkey, and also all around the world. I have been to nearly forty job interviews.

My aunt had been in the textile business for a long time so she helped me to get my first freelance project. This is how my brand was born.

Since 2010 I have designed three collections and done three freelance projects. I took a course about photography with the aim to improve my knowledge about fashion photography. In September 2014 WGSN (the world’s leading trend authority) has organized a contest called Being a Future Trend Spotter. I have been chosen as the winner in the category of Cruise Cool theme.



In order to grow faster I would need more experience and self-improvement. Also marketing is a key in the world of fashion. My main competitors are experienced fashion designers and young designers who are more ambitious than me.

The most difficult issue for a young designer (this is true for every other industry I presume) is being able to trust people. Being a freelance fashion designer is challenging. People lied on me and cheated on me many times.

Right now I am not looking for a business partner. But I do not know what the future holds. My brand is currently marketed through social media networks. Now it is taking baby steps but I believe that it will be a well-known brand in the future.


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I think Unikool is a great opportunity for all designers to tell their stories. Thank you for letting us be heard. I wish you good luck in your blogging journey.


Nazlı Karakoç