Marta Dabrowska: unique textile prints from handmade sketches stories. The story of Marta Dabrowska: a freelance textile print designer inspired by everyday life, nature, and stories.

My name is Marta Dabrowska I live in Lodz, Poland and I love to design patterns. During the day I work as a graphic designer and the rest of the time I am a freelance textile designer.

In 2016 I’ve completed a Masters Degree in Textile Design at the Technical University of Lodz. Right now I am attending postgraduate studies at the Lodz Art School majoring in graphic design to widen the knowledge of related fields of art.

I attended Universidade Da Beira Interior, Portugal, for one semester of fashion design, where I have learnt how to prepare fashion collections. I did my first steps in the fashion industry during an internship at Mirjam Rouden Print Design Studio in London. I got to know how the fashion industry works and textiles with my patterns have been sold to fashion companies around the world. This job gave me a major carrier boost and it helped me to become much more self confident as a professional designer.



My start up project is in the beginning stage. After few years and numerous projects for external clients, I have reached the point where I have enough confidence to open my own business. is a start up in which I am putting as much effort and time as I can. The goal is to build up a brand focused on textile patterns for personal and industrial use.

The most difficult thing is to develop your unique style which will appeal to potential customers and will still be in harmony with you.

With so many different brands and competition on the market it’s important to reach as many potential clients as possible, and make them aware of your uniqueness. That’s why the strong and aggressive online advertising campaign is currently crucial for the future of Vibedesign. From my point of view the main competitors are industrial, serial producers. Their products are affordable and they captured huge part of target clients. In the era of strong commercialism, it is highly difficult to conquer the market with unique crafted products. Still, in my opinion, groups of customers willing to buy unique craft are numerous – my goal is just to find them and bring them to my brand. If I decided to look for a business partner I will definitely need help with reaching new clients and with a marketing strategy.


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It is great that you give the opportunity to so many creative people to show themselves, exchange experiences and learn from each other.


Marta Dabrowska