Magda Daniloaia: handbags with an attitude for the stylish Millennial women stories. The story of Magda Daniloaia: luxury handbags with a women’s charities purpose.

Hello! My name is Magda and I am the founder & creative director of luxury fashion brand The Changing Factor based in London.

I have studied Accessories Design at London College of Fashion where I have focused on luxury handbags and small leather goods in particular, which allowed me to become an expert in these areas. During and after graduating I have worked for several luxury brands in London and I am actually still working as a freelance fashion consultant for a few carefully selected projects.

After incubating the idea for a few years and preparing the business The Changing Factor has been launched at the end of July 2016, and we are proud to say in only a few months we have managed to get noticed by several magazines and blogs and we now have nine confirmed stockists, in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and Australia and soon NYC!

We certainly position ourselves as a luxury brand with a strong attitude for the stylish, ambitious, successful Millennial women from all over the globe. We connect with our customers via our website and blog and our social media and we are also trying to make sure we are represented in the right manner by all our stockists and partners.



What is different about us is our mix of unique, cutting-edge design with exquisite quality and practicality to excellently serve the stylish modern women from different countries around the globe, and our commitment to have a strong social impact – by giving 10% of our profits to women’s charities and through building our women’s society – #theuntamedclub – a fun and exciting concept that brings women together, to meet and encourage, support and inspire each other.

One of the most difficult things while being a founder & creative director is certainly separating the creative side from the business side. I need to actively put aside time for both and try and not mix them.

Until now I have not actively looked for a business partner although I have not been closed off to the idea. I think The Changing Factor could potentially benefit from someone looking to invest in the brand and also offer his or her guidance and mentorship to accelerate our growth. At this stage we have had a good amount of organic growth and we are pleased with the stage we are at. But we are also excited by the idea of investment and mentorship to accelerate our growth and take the business to the next level.


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