Unikool.it stories. Luca Fioravanti: helping beginners in this industry, which is currently undergoing hard times, is for us a rewarding experience and can only encourage the introduction of innovative designs and special types of articles that only young people are able to create as market innovators.

Maglificio Moderno 2M (literally “2 M modern knitwear factory”) is a business founded more than 40 years ago in what can be considered a rich textile industry area spanning the provinces of Como and Varese.

The business is run by the Colombo family, currently two sisters, and is among the oldest family-run business in the Italian textile industry. Its full-cycle production processes are entirely based in Italy and include knitwear manufacturing, finishing and dyeing. Yarns are the only materials that are not produced in house but this has become a standard aspect in the industry.

The business sells its products on the Italian and worldwide markets. Its highly skilled team of technicians are an invaluable source of development. Indeed, development in a global context depends on an ongoing search for new, innovative and original products to be offered as fashion, active wear and beachwear articles.

Our team are totally dedicated to meeting customers’ needs and we always listen to what customers tell us. We are committed to attracting and retaining leading brands among our customers through the continuous creation and introduction of new models.

Our production system is therefore designed to reflect market demand in innovative, fine-looking, sophisticated casual or classical apparel. This close focus on the customer and the market earned us quality certifications including, more recently, the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certification, which confirms our dedication to eco-sustainability and organic fabrics.

We have been collaborating with Unikool, a start-up company founded by young people, since its foundation in 2016.


Luca Fioravanti