Laura Dobson: a loving patterns surface designer from the UK stories. The story of Laura Dobson: a passionate surface designer from traditional to digital.

I’m a very driven designer; with versatility within my work and ideas. I’m motivated through a love and enthusiasm for design and Print. Ideas are always popping into my head when it comes to a new brief. My style has a commercial element to it and varies from hand drawn and painted to soft digital outlined prints. Colour and Pattern are strong aspects within my work; I’ve experience of Trend Forecasting which is a great help as I use this ability to influence projects and their pallets.

I enjoy combining different techniques and Medias within my work to create something unique and interesting. I’m passionate about print design and techniques from traditional to digital printing. Mixed media is one of my favourite techniques as it can combine different elements of sketching and mark-making; there are no rules so the end result is always unknown.

I’m inspired a lot by nature and love going out with my camera to find the starting point for my drawings and ideas; this is where all my designs originate from before digitalising my artwork.



I love the fact that as a Surface Designer my designs can be applied to a range of applications. Designing across fabrics and accessories to hard goods or giftware is something that stirs my creativeness.

I’ve worked as a designer at a digital printing fabric supplier which has been great for my knowledge of fabric types and which can achieve the best results. I’ve worked on some live briefs with companies. I’m mainly trying to get my designs out there by freelancing part time and selling my designs online. I’m now on Instagram and am finding this a great social media tool, being able to show my work in process instantly.

Some of my latest projects have been creating designs for evening wear, casual dress wear and, more recently, some prints for swimwear which is a new one for me. Scale has been an important factor with this to make sure the layout across a bikini shows the design off in the best way.



I think the most difficult issue to encounter as a Designer is getting yourself out there. There are people who may like your work, but feel it doesn’t fit in with their brand at the moment… but may look to work with you in the future. It’s trying to get people to give you a chance and some of the issues I’ve had is with clients who have come to you, backing out of a brief simply by being unreachable and not returning contact, which becomes frustrating when you’re happy and willing to give yourself to a project. Determination is the key; not all clients are like that and finding the right one can make all the difference.


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