Jennifer Somoza: accessories and womenswear designer, from Venezuela to Rome stories. The story of Jennifer Somoza: a south american volcano of creativity.

I am Jennifer Somoza, Fashion designer and architect from Venezuela based in Rome. I have dedicated all my life to the arts in general, design and illustrations but fashion is my passion! I have many varied project and I always try to give the best of myself to make them come to life. Since I moved to Italy I’ve been creating not only haute couture pieces but also pret à porter, sporty, baby, pets, accessories, home, anything that attracts my creativity at the moment and that’s the essence of my brand: trying to express all what you are capable to do and just create!

I have experience working mostly for freelance fashion design and accessories projects, and most of them have been Leather bags. I’ve done many bag design and bijoux design for different private clients, e-commerce and shops.

In the industry I’ve worked for an embroidering lab, where I used to follow the production process for Valentino’s accessories. I have worked with the denim company G-star RAW being part of the tailoring project in Rome.

I’ve done many Fashion weeks, shows and exhibitions all around the world, and also had collaborations with artist, blogs and magazines.

The brand was created as the alter ego of an artist, that wild artist that everyone has inside, the artist that wakes up very early in the morning to paint the walls with a throw of a bucket or the one who sketches in a notebook all the ideas that came up after a weird dream… That artist who is full of anger, full of love, full of doubts or happiness. Put it all together in a balloon that with the lightly touch of a pin breaks out! This is the brand Jennifer Somoza, all she is capable of doing. Everything, creativity explosion and nothing matters, just create!

My project is to offer a variety of services specifically to each client always holding and reflecting the concept of the brand. Something that I pretend to expand in many areas of design besides fashion like interiors, landscape and graphics. It’s a very ambitious project, but I’m sure I will make it!



Being an emerging designer is really tough because you are always in the middle between industrial ready to wear companies (and their very affordable clothing) and the colossal famous brands of haute couture and pret à porter (with a great heritage constantly growing). The difficult issue, I think, is to find those special clients who are ready to believe in you, and in your concept. People willing to take the step of going forward beyond the mass production, and beyond the ideal luxury to find a combination of both in your brand. I think we have to stay strong to our proposal and try to open minds to the future, teach the world how unique they are, and how we (fashion designers) are here to materialize it.

Generally my main competitors are the big renowned brands that offer different positionings, more affordable products with low quality but yet signed by them. Unfortunately sometimes clients would prefer the name of an already established brand even if they don’t like the design that much.

Social networking has been the most powerful media I have been using to market my brand. In Europe physical stores are very hard to deal with that’s why Facebook and Instagram are my main tools.

At this precise moment I’m experiencing some changes, reestablishing the location of the atelier and evaluating new public geographically focused in America. I believe the only thing I need besides that is to decide specific products and start with this new challenge. In the future, I will absolutely need a marketing manager and a social network manager, as well as some graphic designers and seamstresses.


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I think is great to count with a firm that could help emerging designers like me to start with their project, or helping them to develop and achieve their goals. I believe we need to collaborate with each other to be successful, as I said before it’s very hard to compete with strong companies manipulating minds around the world. We have to stay focused, creative, and eager to learn and show what you (an artisan or designer) are capable to do!

It’s great to have the possibility to speak up in this blog or other initiatives, I think it could make people realize where and what we are and how important they are for us!


Jennifer Somoza