Unikool.it stories. Christian Agnoli: for emerging designers, who want to show their product, Unikool.it is the right choice.

Hi, my name is Christian Agnoli and I am a partner at Cart Consulting, a company that develops international and worldwide brands and those ‘made in Italy’. I personally deal with all the operational side of things, the parts that are the least fun for those launching a new collection, but which are essential for its success.

I deal with administration, from warehouse management to invoicing, with client management, customer service and client satisfaction, and with the relationship that is often very necessary with suppliers to get the results needed.

One of the big difficulties with new projects and emerging designers is that of getting the chance for visibility in stores. One of the specificities of our company is precisely that we know a huge number of stores and can contact them directly and, above all, through a network of agents.

Personally, I think I know something like 300 showrooms and specialist sector agents in Italy. In addition to these, I have contact with important multi- and single-brand stores. Given that I have worked in this sector for 20 years, I am bound to have close links with these operators.

For emerging designers who want to show their product, all this is fundamental.

Our presence at international fairs in various showrooms is fundamental for developing international markets.

One of our emerging designers, who is very clever, is distributed via 2 famous international showrooms, one in Milan and one in Paris, for wholesale distribution all over the world.

I have always worked with young creative designers and the big problem regarding getting valid results on the market is that you don’t consider all the factors necessary for success.

One of the main factors in the creation of a good collection is definitely producing well, producing to deadlines and delivering your product perfectly. From there you then develop season after season and increase your market.

A young emerging designer lacks all the knowledge linked to basic business operations: how to invoice the client, how to communicate with the client, how to manage your goods in a warehouse, what costs are involved in transport of goods in Italy and worldwide.

Factors that are fundamental for the success of a project. There are a lot of problems facing young designers wanting to launch their range on the market.

We have made a well-defined choice: to link with Unikool.it, a producer and a platform for launching new designers that is bringing us great satisfaction. We manage to deliver a complete service that goes from production to delivery of the garment to the end retailer.

A result that I don’t think anyone else in Italy is offering right now.


Christian Agnoli