Unikool.it stories. Chiara Greggio: our collaboration with Unikool is very important since a daily collaborative approach will help us achieve success.

My name is Chiara Greggio, I live in Veneto, Italy. I am a textile agent operating in the clothing sector. I have been doing this job for nearly twenty years now and I love it a lot, although I occasionally go through hard times and have to spend extra energy, but I think the Italian textile industry is worth it.

In the past twenty years, I have worked as a textile agent on behalf of several businesses mainly located in the areas of Tuscany and Lombardy. These businesses operate in typically Italian sectors and include yarn and textile manufacturers fully producing and dyeing their products in Italy. This is what I have always liked about my job because the quality of Italian textiles ranks first worldwide.

Among the businesses I represent are Leomaster and Lamintess, which have also been active more than twenty years in the textile sector. Lamintess is specialised in the manufacturing of outerwear, while Leomaster is active in the total look segment.

As an outerwear business, Lamintess is devoted to the research and development of materials for coats – including nylon textiles, bonded fabrics, quilted fabrics, with various types of resins and dyes. These products are entirely manufactured in Italy. The strength of Lamintess is R&D in materials, with a wide choice of articles and colours to be offered on the market. They are unbeatable with the stock service they provide for the development of a wide choice articles. Every customer that partners with Lamintess can always find quality and immediately available stocks. Lamintess binds together these materials and its research in textiles and materials is fine tuned to reflect market requirements. Among their major resources are its colour palettes, with colours that are always available in stock. Articles are classified by weight, nylon types, dull or matt meshes, and there are also laminations. Laminations are entirely manufactured in Italy. They also print garments. In a nutshell, customers can choose from a variety of fabrics – both printed or bonded fabrics.

The other company I work for, Leomaster, is based in Tuscany and processes all types of yarns ranging from pure linen to cotton-linen blends. There is also a wide range of materials and yarns to choose from. They bond together pure linen fabrics, linen with cotton, linen with wool, and interweave various types of materials. Their colour palette is rich and they also have a choice of reinforcements to be coupled with pure linen, linen-cotton blends and linen-wool blends.

I have collaborated with Unikool since 2016. The collaboration between Unikool and the companies I represent allows us to offer products entirely produced in Italy. Italian clothing is a value to promote worldwide and I think that, with Unikool, the time has come to present Italian products as ultimate examples of quality worldwide.

Indeed, we are devoting our efforts to quality. Unikool is rendering a great service to companies operating in international markets. Serving both the small and large distribution networks is what counts today and this has become extremely difficult.

Unikool is striving to overcome these difficulties with our help in the textile industry to meet all requirements for both small-scale and large-scale distribution. I think our collaboration with Unikool is very important since a daily collaborative approach will help us achieve success.


Chiara Greggio